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Digital Shorts

Agency Defines Brand & Extends Life of Blog Content With Video

SpotOn used a Digital Shorts package to form meaningful and lasting connections with clients. That’s the power of video.
As an innovative and progressive digital agency, SpotOn understands the value of engaging content. With so much content in the archive, the team wanted a way to bring popular thought leadership blogs back to life and extend their use. The company used videos to outline and revive shelved content while addressing prospective clients, demonstrating their process, values, and value to the audience. With the one-on-one nature of a digital short, Robyn, the agency owner, is able to establish trust with the viewer. And for a boutique agency like SpotOn, trust is everything.
Digital Shorts
Given the goal of increasing social presence and thought leadership, digital shorts were the obvious choice. This provided for three videos that could be dropped monthly to fill a quarter calendar with high quality video.
Lower Third & Logo Animation
This was a quick social highlight so no title card was chosen. Instead the video started with a lower third to introduce the speaker and get right into the topic and was wrapped up with a logo animation highlighting the brand.
Unscripted Questions
Storyboarding focused on two to three mini topics for each video. While there is an option for precise scripting, this video utilized open ended questions for a more conversational tone.
“Great engaging content shouldn’t sit on the shelf. It was invigorating to dust off highly read blogs to curate on video and redistribute everywhere - recycling useful content at its finest. And it was so much fun to be in studio!”
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn Digital Marketing
SpotOn Digital Media reached clients in new ways with evergreen content, showcasing how they can creatively leverage new marketing strategies. Having the agency owner deliver video messages has deepened relationships and is building a personal brand of trust. You can find these original videos and more on SpotOn’s LinkedIn, website, social media channels and remarketing.

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