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Cancellation / Change Date Policy
Free change of date / unselect date until 10 days before selected studio date (time shown in the confirmation email).
After that, cancel by 9pm the night before studio date and get a 50% refund
If you are a no-show to studio date, unfortunately, there will be no refund
What happens if the video production isn't what was expected?
We'll work with customers to correct or refilm the video production based on reasonable issues with the video production including adjustments to lighting, sound, content and post-production
What happens if I have multiple attendees, and 1 attendee is a no-show or late?
If your group has multiple attendees being filmed and 1 or more are unable to be filmed, you may reslot other attendees into the vacated time to make the most of your studio time and our Director on set will work with you to expedite the contents for filming within the scheduled time window
What happens if my clothing is not a great match for selected background?
We encourage you to review the “dress recommendations” in advance and even bring a change of clothes if you are filming multiple videos. If you realize on set that your clothing is not well suited for the selected background, we will make best efforts to work with you to move setup for a different background
What happens if I arrive late to my scheduled studio time?
We encourage everyone to arrive early and will accommodate up to 10 minute late arrival; after that, we may be able to accommodate late arrivals on a case-by-case basis depending on that day's schedule; if we cannot accommodate you, we will issue a 50% refund
What happens if I don't provide or submit feedback within 30 days?
After 30 days feedback locks and CROOW editor will incorporate any feedback given even if the submit button was not committed; if no feedback is provided, then final deliverables will be uploaded based on the provided first cut; thereafter, no changes will be accommodated
Can customers get a full refund if there are unfinished or additional requested edits after the included 1 round of revision?
Customers should contact us within 24 hours of finding the issue. In qualifying cases, we will make reasonable updates to the final video deliverables
What if a customer needs to cancel the reserved studio time because of an emergency?
We will handle emergency situations on a case-by-case basis and make reasonable accommodations.
How long does it take to get a refund?
We send refunds upon cancellation and they usually show up within 5 days, but sometimes it takes as long as 15 days before they reflect on the original payment method.
Can I have access to the raw footage?
Unfortunately we cannot provide access to the raw footage
How long do you keep the raw footage for?
We keep the footage for 30 days after delivery of final cut and thereafter the footage will be deleted
How long do you keep the final delivered videos for?
We keep the final delivered videos for 90 days, so please be sure to download and store on your own
What happens in the case of weather or other uncontrollable emergency situations?
CROOW will do its best to accommodate the scheduled day, but if unable to film due to circumstances beyond our control, we will work to reschedule as quickly as possible