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Choose Your Partnership Approach
Extend Service
What You'll Need
  • A primary agency contact who will get to know CROOW
  • A CROOW marketplace landing page for your agency
Stand Apart from the Competition
What You'll Need
  • Account leaders trained up and familiar with CROOW
  • A CROOW marketplace landing page for your agency
  • A communication plan to introduce your new offering
Grow Your Thought Leadership
What You'll Need
  • Operational leaders to learn and adopt the CROOW platform
  • Production team members aligned with operational leaders and trained on how to use the CROOW platform
  • A CROOW marketplace landing page for your agency
Maximize Your Video Budget with Our Innovative Video Production Platform
Adding video to your content marketing doesn’t have to be so complicated or time intensive. CROOW has pioneered a solution to streamline the video production process from scriptwriting, studio time, to final cut in a matter of weeks. Let our video CROOW do the heavy lifting.
Agency Storefront
Get Paid
Three Ways To Grow Your Revenue
1. Commission
Earn 15% commission from all purchases made on your CROOW Studio storefront (see benefits of CROOW+ Agency Partnership).
2. Add-On
Agency add-on to a video package purchase - Any video purchase can add-on an already scoped agency engagement for $1500.
  • A 30 minute video content review call
  • Scriptwriting of the videos with 1 round of storyboard revision
  • Guidance on video first cut feedback
  • Order management
3. Full Service Scope
Some clients need more. Offer a custom, full-service scope from your agency that you can associate your custom fees for direct invoicing.
  • A 60-minute kickoff call to review your content strategy, video content ideation, and strategy
  • Scriptwriting or talking points outlined with multiple rounds of revision
  • Assist with selecting among your provided assets (photos / B-Roll from other videos)
  • Creation of animated, still graphics or photography
  • Guide on all the style recommendations: Title Slides, Icons, Captions, Fonts, Dynamic Elements such as stats or icons available as options in the platform
  • Manage the CROOW software process on your behalf (upload scripts and chosen assets)
  • Participate in first cut feedback
  • Develop a plan for video content distribution and assist with social media advertising, email copywriting and distribution, website video placement and more.
  • Report and review video engagement analytics
“CROOW Studio helped us gain access to high quality studio production at a fraction of the cost. Our team saves time through the structured pre-production process and our clients love having these high quality videos integrated into their content and marketing plans.”
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn

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